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Making stairs in Stavropol

Check out the measurements, the evaluation of the premises and the interior; Creating preliminary sketches, drawings, design plan create a design, in General; Direct preparation of individual parts, the development of decoration items; Final Assembly, handling decorative coatings, stains, varnishes, etc. Stages of production 1. The review of the facility At the first examination room where will be installed a staircase, the master-Gager conducted the analysis, which allows us to establish where and in what position it is best to install stair design. 2. The choic … read more

Date Added: 05/09/2016

The choice of material for staircases

In most cases, stairs are wood. This eco-friendly material, used for structures of different artistic intent, moreover it blends well with other materials. But, wood has its drawbacks – when the wrong use – rapid amortization, the danger of fires and susceptibility to water. Although these disadvantages can be avoided. If you follow the requirements for the application. Well-executed design of the stairs should be made of several layers of wood, where each layer has different direction of the fibers, to avoid deformation, and started to form cracks. The material should be well dried, s … read more

Date Added: 14/04/2016

Stairs for children

For a child, the ladder gives the opportunity not just to climb somewhere, but to explore the world. But the differences from the adult in size requires special attention in the planning and manufacture of such ladders. Of course, if the child is very small – not worth giving him the opportunity to use the stairs. In our planning we will consider the child's growth of 1.2-1.3 m, and the length of his step 0.5 m. For these dimensions we will build a ladder. Of course, in the manufacture of your design need to measure the size of their child. First, calculate the amount of tread and r … read more

Date Added: 14/10/2015

Wooden stairs can be combined type

Why wooden staircase? An internal staircase can be run from a variety of modern materials – from all kinds of stone and metal finishing. But rock and metal are cold materials, they are easy to attract and retain the cold. Stairs made of wood, retains heat well, creates a special comfort and comfort. It can be performed as in a classic rustic style and sophisticated style of past centuries. What should I pay attention? • Room layout and overall style of the house. • Type of wood from which a staircase. • Configure the wooden stairs. What  … read more

Date Added: 24/07/2015

Exclusive wooden stairs

We already told you about wooden stairs with closed strings and open strings. And wrote articles about the stairs to the Bolza. Been articles about how fit the stairs from the array in the interiors of houses. In this article I would like to touch on the dreaded word "elite" that uses each "Shaposhnik" and "garanich" in their ads. And he assumes that word is only one, a huge pile of money that you pay. Let's try to understand what is a luxury stairs and with what they eat. It is clear that the elite ladders is very beautiful. Such wood stairs and proud of all etc. etc. the Most important  … read more

Date Added: 23/06/2015

Rules for the care of wooden stairs

Caring for wooden staircases Wooden stairs are very much afraid of moisture and temperature changes. The first couple of weeks after installation of stairs made of wood, should only be performed by dry cleaning (vacuum cleaner, dry cloth, sponge, etc.). Otherwise you may damage the lacquer finish of the stairs. In the future, the stairs of solid wood, it is recommended to clean with wet sponges and rags, not in any case not to wash the stairs with water. The most important thing when washing the wooden stairs do not use aggressive chemical cleaners. Like all wood product … read more

Date Added: 20/04/2015

sheathed with wood

Now on the market Stavropol huge selection of stair designs, ranging from the most simple and ending with designs luxury. Of course, the main advantage of modular stairs are low cost and ease of installation. But not everything is so simple, modular stairs of course take up very little space and are ideal for apartments. But with time they are loosened, the design begins to walk. If you require frequent use of ladders of wood you this design will not work. Yes, and when seemingly saving, modular stairs in the end come out as a full metal frame, sheathed with wood. Our company is ready to  … read more

Date Added: 02/09/2014

Black toilet seat for toilets: bold decision

Today on the construction markets there is a huge variety of products from sanitary faience (this material is intended for manufacturing sinks, toilets, bidets and other components bathroom and toilet). You can select and type of installation, and design, and color. Modern plumbing is made of various shades - from the default white to gold or black. But despite this, the sellers of such equipment is said that consumers still prefer products in sanitary faience. And this is for several reasons. As an example, black toilet - not the most popular product. Why it is rarel … read more

Date Added: 26/05/2014

The heater from the company Ariston called Velis Quick Heating

Modern man no longer have to choose between beauty and comfort. Even so familiar and necessary a thing as the heater can combine practical and innovative solutions. So, the heater from the company Ariston, called Velis Quick Heating, combines elegance, style and high functionality. This is an improved model of a series of Velis Plus, who took over from its predecessor, memorable design and is more comfortable in use. In Velis QH has quick heating of water for the shower, appreciate modern and dynamic people who count every minute. Quick allows to heat the water for the shower for  … read more

Date Added: 28/04/2014

wood door

  Solid doors in Stavropol and Михайловске. We offer a large selection of interior doors of solid ash wood and oak. We have the lowest prices on the interior doors of solid ash wood in Stavropol. Own production of solid wood doors, enables us to take orders of any complexity. Produce the door of the array, according to your sketches, of any color, and any modification. Solid doors are characterized by high strength and durability. Here you pay for the tree, instead of sawdust. Spectacular floor will give doors from the array … read more

Date Added: 08/01/2014

Fence of corrugated Board

The fence of corrugated - excellent protection of your property for long term. Unlike mesh fences of fish, cover your possessions from prying eyes, protect from dust and wind. Unlike wooden fences, натребует additional costs. Fences of this type look modern. You can choose any color coating and he will fit perfectly into the overall style of Your yard. Fence made of profiled decking are suitable for summer cottages and houses. We produce and install corrugated fences, due to the absence of intermediaries, prices will pleasantly surprise You. Solid fence type is called a panel fences. As suc … read more

Date Added: 30/09/2013

Sheet glass with special properties

About properties of polished sheet glass written many articles and books. Yes and every one of us, time and again faced with some of the properties of the glass. But due to the change in him. composition and coating with special films and coatings, glass acquires new properties. In this article we will talk about flat glass with special properties. Glass «frost» is produced from a sheet of glass. Special glass processing, after which the glass appears pattern similar to заиндевевшее glass. Area of application: exterior and interior light apertures. Sheet glass стемалит 5-12 mm. Glass co … read more

Date Added: 28/09/2013

Iran glass

Of course everyone knows that Iran is a country rich in oil reserves. And is a member of the Organization of mill-exporters of «black gold». But few know that the glass industry of the country has reached a new level. And is not homemade production of sheet glass as it was early. And became the leading sector of Iran. Today «glaziers» the country can boast of the production of two million tons of sheet glass per year, with different thicknesses and sizes. A huge part of the float glass production is in the private sector. And has a good potential for growth (4%/year). And takes approximatel … read more

Date Added: 27/09/2013

guardian glass Rostov

Rostov plant of sheet glass by LLC «guardian glass Rostov» has already reached its designed capacity, but that is a lot nine hundred tons of sheet glass per day (the largest project of the company). Zadov for the production of energy-efficient glass earned in the beginning of September and was the 10th sheet glass plant «guardian» in Europe. Of course «Guardian» flagship industry of the Rostov. In 2014 it is planned to reach full capacity production of sheet glass. Also plans to launch a line for coating. read more

Date Added: 26/09/2013


Today Stavropol site www.1777.ru celebrating its восьмилетие. We believe that this is one of the best projects in the North Caucasus. On the website you will always find the latest news Stavropol and Stavropol region. Bulletin Board where you easily find the information You need. Forums and posters, real estate and maps, and in General all that is necessary for the modern person. We congratulate all the staff of the site. We wish, as more and more work! And for many years of Your project! read more

Date Added: 25/09/2013
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